Superchain Configuration

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The SuperchainConfig contract is used to manage global configuration values for multiple OP Chains within a single Superchain network.

Configurable values

Configurability of the Superchain is currently limited to two values:

The SuperchainConfig contract manages the following configuration values:

  • PAUSED_SLOT: A boolean value indicating whether the Superchain is paused.
  • GUARDIAN_SLOT: The address of the guardian, which can pause and unpause the system.

Configuration data flow

All contracts which read from the SuperchainConfig contract hold its address as storage values in the proxy account, and call directly to it when reading configuration data.

flowchart TD
StandardBridge --> SuperchainConfig
L1ERC721Bridge --> SuperchainConfig
L1CrossDomainMessenger --> SuperchainConfig
OptimismPortal --> SuperchainConfig


The Superchain pause feature is a safety mechanism designed to temporarily halt withdrawals from the system in an emergency situation. The Guardian role is authorized to pause and unpause the system.

Paused identifiers

When the system is paused the Paused(string identifier) event is emitted. This allows for the caller to provide additional information to be used during incident response.

Scope of pausability

The pause applies specifically to withdrawals of assets from the L1 bridge contracts. The L2 bridge contracts are not pausable, on the basis that issues on L2 can be addressed more easily by a hard fork in the consensus layer.

When the Pause is activated, the following methods are disabled:

  1. OptimismPortal.proveWithdrawalTransaction()
  2. OptimismPortal.finalizeWithdrawalTransaction()
  3. L1CrossDomainMessenger.relayMessage()
  4. StandardBridge.finalizeBridgeERC20()
  5. StandardBridge.finalizeBridgeETH()
  6. L1ERC721Bridge.finalizeBridgeERC721()