Interop Network Upgrade

Table of Contents

The interop network upgrade timestamp defines the timestamp at which all functionality in this document is considered the consensus rules for an OP Stack based network. On the interop network upgrade block, a set of deposit transaction based upgrade transactions are deterministically generated by the derivation pipeline in the following order:

  • L1 Attributes Transaction calling setL1BlockValuesEcotone
  • User deposits from L1
  • Network Upgrade Transactions
    • L1Block deployment
    • CrossL2Inbox deployment
    • L2ToL2CrossDomainMessenger deployment
    • Update L1Block Proxy ERC-1967 Implementation Slot
    • Update CrossL2Inbox Proxy ERC-1967 Implementation Slot
    • Update L2ToL2CrossDomainMessenger Proxy ERC-1967 Implementation Slot

The execution payload MUST set noTxPool to true for this block.

The exact definitions for these upgrade transactions are still to be defined.

Security Considerations